Yesterday Todd Henry delivered the closing keynote of the 2015 ASAE Great Ideas Conference (following Alan Gregerman’s opening remarks), telling the audience “that brilliance demands not only discipline but also a willingness to confront the seven ways mediocrity can hold you back.”

When organizations and teams succeed, they often go back to the same systems and processes that led to their success—even though that’s not likely to get them anywhere. “When we go that route, pretty soon we’re fossilized and not looking where really great ideas are anymore,” said Todd Henry, the Closing General Session Speaker at ASAE’s 2015 Great Ideas Conference. “And pretty soon that slips into mediocrity, which is a place no organization or person wants to be.” The founder of Accidental Creative and author of two books, including, most recently, Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day, Henry said that if companies and individuals want to be brilliant and constantly generate innovative ideas, they need discipline. “But discipline of bravery,” he said. “You have to be brave to do great things.” []

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