Tim David’s new book, was recently reviewed in the NY Times.

Tim David has written an elegant and concise book to help not just ambitious professionals but anyone interested in what he calls “the biggest problem in the world.” That problem, Mr. David writes in “Magic Words: The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words That Motivate, Engage, and Influence,” (2014: Prentice Hall Press) is “not being able to get people to do stuff.”

Mr. David is a professional magician and mentalist turned corporate motivational speaker. The book uses the tricks of his trade to provide tools to help the rest of us close desired deals in our personal and professional lives.

Mr. David identifies seven words that, if used skillfully, can move others toward our own way of thinking. Each short chapter is devoted to exploring the full influential potential of benign-sounding words like “thanks,” “because” and “but.” [NYTimes.com]

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