Read the latest from Chris Chabris in the WSJ

Chris’s latest is “A New Deal in Card Games.” A simple deck of playing cards is incredibly versatile. With just 52 cards divided into four suits of 13 ordered ranks, you can play a seemingly infinite variety of games— without even adding the jokers, which figure mainly in “house rules” variants of standard games. Amazingly,… Read more »

WSJ: Read an excerpt of Daniel McGinn’s new book

At the Wall Street Journal, new speaker Daniel McGinn has published an excerpt from his book, “How to Psych Children Up to Perform.” A few Saturdays ago, I drove my 16-year-old son to take the SATs. He didn’t say much—a sign that he was a little nervous. With three children, I make these drives—to sports… Read more »

The Human Cost of a Life-Saving Vaccine

Meredith Wadman’s new book has been reviewed at the Wall Street Journal. In the summer of 1968, the microbiologist Leonard Hayflick loaded a bomb-shaped canister into the back of his secondhand green Buick LeSabre, piled his kids in the car, and drove from the Philadelphia suburbs to his new home on the campus of Stanford… Read more »