Liza Mundy’s Code Girls is out now

Liza Mundy’s new book Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War IIis out now. Check out coverage in Politico and the Washington Post: In the past few years, forgotten women of science, from the genteel astronomers who classified the stars at the Harvard Observatory in the 1890s to… Read more »

Carol Anderson wins a National Book Critics award for White Rage

Professor Carol Anderson’s White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide has won the National Book Critics Circle award in the criticism category. Congratulations! This work of cultural criticism about the subtle function of racism in America grew from an essay that Anderson published in The Washington Post in 2014. []

Shadi Hamid on Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

At the Washington Post, Shadi Hamid explores “The dangerous questions Muslims are facing.” There is panic at the airport. Some of the stories, after President Trump issued his executive order targeting Muslim immigrants, remind me of what I saw in the Middle East. No one has been killed, of course. But when an Iraqi who… Read more »

Sam Weinman interviewed at the Washington Post

Sam Weinman talked about his book and explained “how to teach your kids to lose (and why that’s okay).” Washington Post: What made you want to focus on how to handle losing? Sam Weinman: I originally envisioned it as a small challenge I faced with my boys, but I realized this theme permeates throughout everything… Read more »

Marc Dunkelman’s TEDx talk covered at WaPo

“American democracy is premised on a community-level strength,” Marc Dunkleman argues. And the erosion of those community-level/middle-ground relationships has all sorts of negative consequences for how we think about politics, policy and what our government and our elected leaders should do. The most important of which is the death of reasoned compromise or even believing… Read more »