Truevine: Beth Macy’s latest book in the NY Times and WSJ

Beth Macy, author of the best-selling and critically acclaimed Factory Man, is set to release her next book tomorrow, Truevine: Two Brothers, a Kidnapping, and a Mother’s Quest: A True Story of the Jim Crow South. It just received impressive reviews from the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times: As she did her prodigious… Read more »

Susan Jacoby at the WSJ: “Baseball and Its Aging Fans”

Susan Jacoby tackles the question, “Can a game with a 19th-century tempo survive in the age of digital distraction?” In late August, when the sky becomes perceptibly darker at the start of night games, all true baseball fans begin to think about the approaching end of the season. This year, my annual regret is deepened… Read more »

WSJ: As Dollar Falls, World Perks Up

Greg Ip’s latest at the Wall Street Journal on how the “Fed’s change of heart, rally in commodities appears to mark bottom for global economy.” There’s nothing traders love more than a juicy conspiracy theory. So when the dollar abruptly reversed a yearlong climb and began sinking this year, rumors swept the markets that the… Read more »

Wall Street Journal: Allyson Downey featured in piece on work & family balance

Allyson Downey’s forthcoming book is Here’s the Plan; she was interviewed for the article, “Late-Night Work Email: Blessing or Curse?” Allyson Downey spent several weeks last year integrating work and home—running her business, weeSpring, a platform for parents to share advice about baby products, while being “very present and hands-on” with her two children, Logan,… Read more »

David Gelernter in the Wall Street Journal

David Gelernter has a new piece in this weekend’s WSJ on artificial intelligence, “Machines That Will Think and Feel.” Artificial intelligence is breathing down our necks: Software built by Google startled the field last week by easily defeating the world’s best player of the Asian board game Go in a five-game match. Go resembles chess… Read more »