WATCH: Nick Riggle on the importance of ‘being awesome’

Nick was a guest on CBS San Diego discussing his new book. Nick Riggle dropped out of high school to become a professional skater. After participating in stunt shows and competitions – including three ESPN X Games appearances – Nick then went on to get a Ph.D in Philosophy. Now in his new book, the… Read more »

Bhu Srinivasan’s new book is out now

Bhu Srinivasan’s Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism is available now. In connection with the release, Bhu has made a series of videos at Also, the book received a glowing review in The Economist. BHU SRINIVASAN’S new book, “Americana”, is a delightful tour through the businesses and industries that turned America into the… Read more »

Carol Anderson on Tavis Smiley

Carol was interviewed about her book White Rage, which recently made the NY Times Bestseller lists for paperbacks. []