Why Isn’t More Waste Recycled?

Listen to Tom Szaky on NPR’s Here & Now discuss “how we can recycle more and why we should reduce consumption.” [WBUR.org]

Tom Szaky’s TerraCycle helping with water crisis in Flint, MI

TerraCycle’s water filter recycling programs, sponsored by PUR and Brita, are operating at the 5 “water resource centers” setup at Flint area fire stations. The collection is included in the official news story and release from the Governor’s Office. This serves as a great example of TerraCycle programs helping a town in need! [Michigan.gov]

Tom Szaky’s TerraCycle named one of the best Entrepreneurial Companies in America

Entrepreneur Magazine has named Tom Szaky’s TerraCycle to their group of forward thinkers, the Entrepreneur360 list. Forward Thinkers surge ahead in growth and profits by being aggressive in adopting new technologies and processes, setting high targets and expanding proactively. While that high growth rate isn’t easily financed without outside funding, the Forward Thinkers seem to… Read more »

Tom Szaky’s reality show profiled by the NY Times

Human Resources, the television show about Tom Szaky’s company Terracycle on Pivot, was recently featured in the New York Times. If viewers who tuned into the second season of the workplace reality show “Human Resources” on Pivot this month came away feeling vindicated for Tony Rossi, the new guy who proved himself on trivia night,… Read more »

Tom Szaky shortlisted for Inspired Leadership Award

Terracycle Founder and CEO Tom Szaky among “seven outstanding young leaders from across the globe shortlisted for the Inspired Leadership Award (ILA), a coveted prize recognising the potential of young leaders to positively impact lives on a global scale for generations to come.” Founded in 2006, the Inspired Leadership Award is presented each year at… Read more »

Terracycle’s Tom Szaky at Zipcar’s blog

Four tips on understanding trash from Tom Szaky at Zipcar’s official blog, Ziptopia. Plastic ain’t nothing but a number: Those little recycling triangles contain the numbers one through seven denoting which type of polymer it is. In most places within the United States, only numbers one and two are traditionally recycled. As the number increases, it… Read more »

Earth Day 2014: Follow TerraCycle

In honor of Earth Day make sure you follow @TerraCycle, the company that is eliminating the idea of waste, founded by BSG speaker, Tom Szaky.