Listen to Nick Tasler on Todd Henry’s podcast

Nick Tasler, who recently published his fourth book Ricochet: What to Do When Change Happens to You, was a guest on fellow BrightSight speaker Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative podcast. Listen above. [] Nick was also recently featured at Quartz: Each of these scandals arises from the same predicament: When companies place material success and self-interest… Read more »

Register for Ron Friedman’s free Peak Work Performance online summit

From January 5th to January 12th, Ron Friedman is presenting The Peak Work Performance Summit, which will feature daily interviews with the top thought leaders, including five fellow BrightSight Group speakers: Gretchen Rubin, Todd Henry, Brigid Schulte, Dan Roam and David Burkus. Register for the free online summit here.

Todd Henry closed ASAE’s Great Ideas conference

Yesterday Todd Henry delivered the closing keynote of the 2015 ASAE Great Ideas Conference (following Alan Gregerman’s opening remarks), telling the audience “that brilliance demands not only discipline but also a willingness to confront the seven ways mediocrity can hold you back.” When organizations and teams succeed, they often go back to the same systems… Read more »

New Todd Henry podcast

Listen to Todd Henry’s latest AC Podcast on Hendrix & The Monkees: “Did you know that Jimi Hendrix once toured as the opening act for The Monkees? Let’s just say that the experiment didn’t go so well. Here are some reflections on making art for the wrong crowd.” []

Todd Henry Teaches Us to Use Our Time Wisely

800CEORead’s Jack Covert selects Todd Henry’s Die Empty: Todd Henry’s first book, The Accidental Creative, is one of the better nuts-and-bolts books for anyone that has to be creative at work, from designers to salespeople to CEOs. His new book, Die Empty, is even broader in scope. It is a call for all of us… Read more »