Watch Michael Wolff on the TODAY Show

Michael Wolff, the author of a new book that gives a behind-the-scenes account of the White House, defended his work Friday, insisting he spoke with President Donald Trump on the record and calling the commander in chief “a man who has less credibility than, perhaps, anyone who has ever walked on earth.” []

Watch Paul Zak on The Today Show

“Love is chemical,” says Paul Zak, also known as Dr. Love, who runs a “love lab” at Claremont Graduate University. “So we can measure brain activity and find out who not only is attracted to each other, but who’s long-term compatible with each other.” []

Watch Janice Kaplan on TODAY

Janice Kaplan, author of “The Gratitude Diaries,” talks to Savannah Guthrie about ways you can encourage your children to embrace the spirit of giving during the holiday season. Watch here.

Jim Ziolkowski Builds Hope

Jim Ziolkowski’s passion project, buildOn is helping kids around the U.S. and the world get skills that will allow them to escape poverty and build better communities for themselves. Watch Jim on the TODAY show with Natalie Morales reporting.