Shadi Hamid: “How to Hate Each Other Peacefully in a Democracy”

Shadi Hamid has a new piece at The Atlantic. It is difficult to imagine it now, but continental Europe struggled with foundational divides—with periodic warnings of civil war—as recently as the 1950s. Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands were divided into ideologically opposed subcultures, sometimes called “spiritual families” or “pillars.” These countries became models of… Read more »

Read Shadi Hamid’s latest pieces for The Atlantic

Shadi Hamid has written several pieces for The Atlantic, including “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Question of Terrorism,” “Why the Battle for Leadership of the Democratic Party Mattered,” “The American ‘Deep State,’ as a Trump Voter Might See It,” and “How to Stop a Populist,”: To the relief of most everyone (except his supporters), the… Read more »

Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?

New Liza Mundy cover story for the The Atlantic. The dozens of women I interviewed for this article love working in tech. They love the problem-solving, the camaraderie, the opportunity for swift advancement and high salaries, the fun of working with the technology itself. They appreciate their many male colleagues who are considerate and supportive…. Read more »

David Gelernter interview in The Atlantic & WSJ

David Gelernter was interviewed recently at The Atlantic. Last month, David Gelernter, the pioneering Yale University computer scientist, met with Donald Trump to discuss the possibility of joining the White House staff. An article about the meeting in The Washington Post was headlined, “David Gelernter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump’s science… Read more »

Amanda Ripley on “How America Outlawed Adolescence”

At The Atlantic, Amanda Ripley examines why states have made it a crime to disturb school in ways that teenagers are wired to do. At least 22 states and dozens of cities and towns currently outlaw school disturbances in one way or another. South Dakota prohibits “boisterous” behavior at school, while Arkansas bans “annoying conduct.”… Read more »

Shadi Hamid at The Atlantic: Donald Trump and the Authoritarian Temptation

Read Shadi Hamid at The Atlantic on how the presumed Republican Presidential nominee has exposed the tension between democracy and liberal values—just like the Arab Spring did. When I was living in the Middle East, politics always felt existential, in a way that I suppose I could never fully understand. After all, I could always leave… Read more »

The Atlantic: Amanda Ripley on the man who might save U.S. Soccer

Amanda Ripley’s latest piece for The Atlantic (March 2016) focuses on how Doug Lemov “is attempting to train a generation of globally competitive players—starting with their coaches.” Americans perform about as unimpressively in soccer as they do in education. In both cases, the United States has suffered from a lack of focus and rigor, despite… Read more »

Read Amanda Ripley’s new feature for the Atlantic on drones

Amanda Ripley has published an exposé for The Atlantic on “How to Catch a Drone.” To understand how grown men came to be lassoing robots out of the sky, consider what has happened in recent months: Everyone from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to high-school kids have put nonmilitary drones to new, previously unimagined uses. Drones have… Read more »