Carmine Gallo profiled in Wired Magazine

Read the piece, based on Carmine’s latest book, “How to ace a TED-style talk.” Speakers around the world have delivered thousands of TED and TEDx talks over the years, the most popular of which have garnered millions of online views. “TED talks have raised the bar on what it means to deliver an inspiring presentation,”says… Read more »

5 Steps to a TED-Style Speech

Carmine Gallo shows you how to give a talk that builds business, at Citibank’s Sales and Marketing channel. 1) Tell stories to bond with your prospect. This is the single best way to make an emotional connection with your listener. My TED Talk analysis found that stories make up 65 percent to 72 percent of… Read more »

Carmine Gallo at the Harvard Biz blog

Carmine Gallo shares why Data Alone Won’t Get You a Standing Ovation (based on his latest book, Talk Like TED). In my work as a communication coach for executives at the world’s leading brands I’m often faced with a mountain of data that the speaker wants to get across. My job is to help the… Read more »