David Baron’s TED Talk featured at TED.com

On August 21, 2017, the moon’s shadow will race from Oregon to South Carolina in what some consider to be the most awe-inspiring spectacle in all of nature: a total solar eclipse. Umbraphile David Baron chases these rare events across the globe, and in this ode to the bliss of seeing the solar corona, he… Read more »

Marc Dunkelman’s TEDx talk covered at WaPo

“American democracy is premised on a community-level strength,” Marc Dunkleman argues. And the erosion of those community-level/middle-ground relationships has all sorts of negative consequences for how we think about politics, policy and what our government and our elected leaders should do. The most important of which is the death of reasoned compromise or even believing… Read more »

New David Burkus TEDx Talk

While sharing salaries might raise privacy concerns, some leaders have found that keeping them secret might be hurting employees, causing dissatisfaction and hiding discrimination…it may even be the reason the gender wage gap is so hard to close. In this talk, David Burkus questions our cultural assumptions around keeping pay secret and reveals that sharing… Read more »

The Latest Carmine Gallo Press

Some new press for Carmine Gallo’s latest book, Talk Like Ted. At Fortune, Anne Fisher has a profile. And at Entrepreneur, read Carmine’s piece, “The Magical Number That Will Amplify Your Next Presentation.” Every fourth day in July, America celebrates the three “unalienable rights” of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life, liberty and… Read more »

Carmine Gallo Persuades You To Talk Like TED

Carmine Gallo’s latest Talk Like TED is due out in March 2014 and available for pre-order now. “Inspire, motivate and persuade any audience! That’s what Carmine Gallo helped me to do and now he can help you, too, in Talk Like TED. Your success depends on your ability to pitch and present your vision, ideas and… Read more »