Shadi Hamid: “How to Hate Each Other Peacefully in a Democracy”

Shadi Hamid has a new piece at The Atlantic. It is difficult to imagine it now, but continental Europe struggled with foundational divides—with periodic warnings of civil war—as recently as the 1950s. Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands were divided into ideologically opposed subcultures, sometimes called “spiritual families” or “pillars.” These countries became models of… Read more »

Read Shadi Hamid’s latest pieces for The Atlantic

Shadi Hamid has written several pieces for The Atlantic, including “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Question of Terrorism,” “Why the Battle for Leadership of the Democratic Party Mattered,” “The American ‘Deep State,’ as a Trump Voter Might See It,” and “How to Stop a Populist,”: To the relief of most everyone (except his supporters), the… Read more »

Shadi Hamid on Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

At the Washington Post, Shadi Hamid explores “The dangerous questions Muslims are facing.” There is panic at the airport. Some of the stories, after President Trump issued his executive order targeting Muslim immigrants, remind me of what I saw in the Middle East. No one has been killed, of course. But when an Iraqi who… Read more »

At Foreign Policy, Shadi Hamid on the Election aftermath

Shadi Hamid has published the piece, “The End of the End of History.” For the first time in our history, Americans have elected an “illiberal democrat” as president. That doesn’t mean the United States will become an illiberal democracy — where democratically elected leaders fundamentally erode the rights and freedoms we associate with the classical… Read more »

Shady Hamid’s new book reviewed at Foreign Affairs

“Not all of the group’s adherents approved of that message, however. A month after the killings, a Muslim Brother­hood activist in Turkey told Shadi Hamid, an expert on political Islam, that she disagreed with the organi­zation’s decision to issue the statement. Like many other mainstream Islamists, she opposed the Paris attack but felt that Islamists should refrain from… Read more »

Shadi Hamid interview at Slate: Can Islam and Liberalism Coexist?

Shadi Hamid was interviewed by Isaac Chotiner on “Why Islam resists secularization, and how that continues to shape the politics of the Middle East.” Shadi Hamid: I’m essentially arguing that Islam is fundamentally different from other religions in a very specific way: its relationship to law and politics and governance. I wanted to use “exceptionalism”… Read more »

Read Shadi Hamid on “ISIS’ war on Muslims”

At the Daily News, Shadi Hamid explores what’s “Behind ISIS’ war on Muslims: Their agenda is to stoke hatred of Islam in the West.” As an American Muslim, I am often asked why Muslims don’t do more to condemn terrorism. It’s now time to permanently table a question that only grows more absurd by the… Read more »