NY Times: Sandeep Jauhar on the first heart transplant

Sandeep’s latest op-ed for the Times is on the anniversary of the first completed heart transplant. Fifty years ago this Sunday, the first adult human heart transplant was performed in Cape Town. It was an epoch-making advance in science — and also, perhaps, in human culture. The heart, heavy as it is with symbolism, has… Read more »

Sandeep Jauhar on “Empathy Gadgets”

Sandeep Jauhar’s latest NY Times piece is about empathy gadgets, how tech and healthcare are using machines to foster understanding and compassion. The demonstration took place this year at a hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The device, a new technology called the SymPulse, was feeding a signal into my arm that simulated the tremors of a… Read more »

Listen to Sandeep Jauhar on NPR

Dr. Sandeep Jauhar, a cardiologist, and author of the books “Intern” and “Doctored,” disagrees with the AMA’s view. In an op-ed for our partners at The New York Times, Dr. Jauhar states that although he opposes capital punishment, doctors should be present at executions to minimize prisoner suffering. [WNYC.org] Dr. Jauhar was recently a guest… Read more »

Sunday NY Times: “When Blood Pressure Is Political”

Sandeep Jauhar has penned a new piece for the New York Times. I teach a medical school course on homeostasis: how organ systems work together to maintain physiological balance. For example, when blood pressure drops acutely, the heart speeds up and the kidneys retain sodium and water, propelling blood pressure back to normal. If body… Read more »

NY Times op-ed by Sandeep Jauhar: “Bring Back the Autopsy”

Sandeep Jauhar has penned a new piece for the New York Times. I recently attended an autopsy at the hospital where I work, in a room in the basement adjoining the morgue. The corpse, a newborn baby, was lying peacefully, as if napping, on a steel table with rusted wheels. He had succumbed to hypoxia,… Read more »

Read the latest Sandeep Jauhar NY Times piece

Sandeep Jauhar has penned a new piece for the New York Times on “EKG Screening for College Athletes.” LAST March, the N.C.A.A.’s chief medical officer, Brian Hainline, announced that he was going to recommend that all male college basketball players undergo an electrocardiogram, which measures the electrical activity in the heart, presumably as a requirement… Read more »

New Sandeep Jauhar piece at the New York Times

Sandeep’s latest essay is on price transparency in the cost of the healthcare. Some have advocated price controls. A better strategy is price transparency. Patients may be shouldering more of the burden of health expenditures, but they still don’t know what they are paying for. Requiring patients to have more “skin in the game” without… Read more »

Watch Sandeep on MSNBC panel

Sandeep was a guest on MSNBC to discuss the decision of terminally ill Brittany Maynard to end her life and what questions her decision raises about end of life care and quality of life. Watch here.