Liza Mundy’s Code Girls is out now

Liza Mundy’s new book Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War IIis out now. Check out coverage in Politico and the Washington Post: In the past few years, forgotten women of science, from the genteel astronomers who classified the stars at the Harvard Observatory in the 1890s to… Read more »

Q & A with Niall Brennan

Niall Brennan, former chief data officer for CMS, was interviewed by Politico about data transparency and the future of value-based care. It’s hard to tell where ACA repeal and replace is going. Are there scenarios in which changes in the insurance model could damage the move to value-based care? I think it could have a… Read more »

Barbara Freese at Politico: “How coal disrupted the world”

Read Barbara Freese’s piece at Politico, a “short history of black gold — and its power over us.” Coal-fired industrialization would go on to create kings of its own, in industry and in politics. Today, the economic outlook for coal is bleak, in part because of the urgent need to rein in its destabilizing effect… Read more »

Michael Levi at Politico

Michael Levi has written a new feature for Politico on “What the 2014 Oil Crash Means.” Oil prices are in free-fall. That’s good economic news for the United States, even if it ends up meaning a serious hit to the shale drilling bonanza. Whether you cheer or boo the plunge, though, depends a lot on… Read more »