Read the NY Times review of T.R. Reid’s latest book

T.R. Reid’s new book A Fine Mess shows “What a World Tour of Tax Codes Can Teach the U.S. About How to Reform Its Own.” Tax ranks high among global economic activities. Federal taxes alone constitute more than a quarter of the American economy. Including state and local levies brings the total tax burden to… Read more »

Daniel McGinn in the Sunday New York Times

New speaker Daniel McGinn, author of Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed, has penned a new piece for the NY Times, “Why I Wrote This Article on Malcolm Gladwell’s Keyboard.” Do lucky objects actually help us perform better? If we believe in their special power, research suggests that they… Read more »

Read Marc Dunkelman at the NY Times

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Marc Dunkelman published “Invite Your Neighbors Over for a Barbecue This Weekend.” Imagine if someone challenged you to sort your acquaintances into categories. You’d place your most intimate ties — your spouse, children, parents, siblings, best friends — in one bucket, and your least intimate contacts — people with whom… Read more »

NY Times: “How to Get the Wealthy to Donate”

Elizabeth Dunn has co-authored a new piece for the Sunday Times. Wealthy people are selfish jerks. So are their children. That is the implication, at least, of a batch of recent psychological studies. In a 2015 study, for example, preschoolers were told that they had earned enough tokens for “a really great prize.” They could… Read more »

Read new speaker Elizabeth Dunn at the New York Times

Elizabeth Dunn has written numerous articles based on her research for the NY Times; here is a sampling: • “Give, if You Know What’s Good for You” • “Stop Checking Email So Often” • “Hello, Stranger” • “Don’t Indulge. Be Happy.”

NY Times: “Israel’s Rich Culinary Legacy Revealed in a New Film”

Roger Sherman’s new film has been featured in the New York Times. In the new feature-length documentary “In Search of Israeli Cuisine,” the chef Michael Solomonov travels from one end of Israel to the other sampling food and talking to cooks in a narrative style reminiscent of Anthony Bourdain. After watching this film, one has… Read more »

NY Times Profile: Frances Stroh

New speaker Frances Stroh, author of Beer Money, was the focus of a NY Times profile. One of Frances Stroh’s earliest lessons about wealth involved a game she played as a 6-year-old with her father: how to not be kidnapped. Ms. Stroh would stand outside the family’s six-bedroom Spanish Mediterranean home in the manicured Detroit… Read more »

Read Matt Taibbi’s NYT book review of Brave New Weed by Joe Dolce

Joe Dolce’s Brave New Weed has been reviewed in the New York Times by author and journalist Matt Taibbi. On the same evening Donald Trump became the president-elect, four states — California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and three others voted to allow it for medicinal purposes. It was one… Read more »

“What America Can Learn About Smart Schools in Other Countries”

Read Amanda Ripley’s latest piece on our education system in the New York Times. Every three years, half a million 15-year-olds in 69 countries take a two-hour test designed to gauge their ability to think. Unlike other exams, the PISA, as it is known, does not assess what teenagers have memorized. Instead, it asks them… Read more »