Nick Riggle’s book at Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur called “Nick Riggle’s new book … a roadmap to achieving awesomeness.” Check out “10 Quotes to Help You Not Suck and Be Awesome, According to an Awesomeness Expert.” What’s better than being excellent? Apparently it’s being awesome. And we’ll stop you right there: these words are not interchangeable. At least according to Nick Riggle,… Read more »

WATCH: Nick Riggle on the importance of ‘being awesome’

Nick was a guest on CBS San Diego discussing his new book. Nick Riggle dropped out of high school to become a professional skater. After participating in stunt shows and competitions – including three ESPN X Games appearances – Nick then went on to get a Ph.D in Philosophy. Now in his new book, the… Read more »

Nick Riggle’s new book out now

How to Be Awesome is out now from Penguin Books. Nick was recently interviewed in Scientific American about the book. How did you become interested in awesomeness, and what is it, exactly? A good person is great; but an awesome person—they’re on another level. I’m all for tasty sandwiches; but I’d rather have an awesome… Read more »