Daniel McGinn’s book tops this Forbes Summer Reading List

Psyched Up by Daniel McGinn is the first book on Forbes’ Kimberly Whitler’s summer reading list. To kick it off, I will share a hot-off-of-the-presses book that I have really enjoyed. It’s Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help you Succeed, by Daniel McGinn. It isn’t a marketing, management, technical, or leadership… Read more »

Sue Klebold on Newsweek’s Favorite Books of 2016 List

Sue Klebold’s A Mother’s Reckoning one of 13 to make the cut. The story of a parent who loses a child is always painful. But when that child and his friend took guns to school and shot other students—killing 12 teenagers and a teacher and wounding 24 others before taking their own lives in one… Read more »

Bill Gates: Favorite Books of 2016

Gretchen Bakke’s The Grid among the mentions. This book, about our aging electrical grid, fits in one of my favorite genres: “Books About Mundane Stuff That Are Actually Fascinating.” Part of the reason I find this topic fascinating is because my first job, in high school, was writing software for the entity that controls the… Read more »