Bob Sutton: “Why I Wrote It and How to Help”

At LinkedIn, Bob Sutton has published a new piece on his forthcoming book, The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt. Dear friends, colleagues, random people on LinkedIn, and anyone who has told me your crazy, terrible, and funny stories and offered advice about workplace jerks: My new book… Read more »

Read Andrew Zolli at LinkedIn on “Life After Banks”

Andrew’s latest Influencer piece focuses on how technology is reshaping financial services. Let’s do a quick thought experiment: make a list of five companies whose brands you absolutely love, whose products delight you at ever turn, and whose customer service you wished other companies would emulate. What are the chances that a big bank made… Read more »

Read Bob Sutton’s LinkedIn Influencer piece on scaling

Bob has just published a new piece, “The Dark Side of Scaling Up: Will You Want to Live in What You Build?” My Stanford colleague Huggy Rao and I devoted seven years to learning about what it takes to scale up excellence in organizations. We studied how leaders and teams build and identify pockets of… Read more »

Shawn Hunter on “How the Happiest People Think and Act”

Shawn’s latest LinkedIn Influencer is up now. The happiest parts of vacations are planning them. The most joyous time is before we even pack our bags. And only those who were able to really, truly check out and relax reported a performance and happiness boost after returning to work. We aren’t very good at remembering… Read more »

Daniel Gross with some predictions for 2015 at LinkedIn

As part of their series on Big Ideas for the new year, Dan Gross writes “This Year, We’ll All Get Raises.” One of the outstanding features of this deeply unsatisfying recovery, which began in July 2009 and has just entered its 66th month, has been the yawning disconnect between profits and growth on the one… Read more »

New blog post by Shawn Hunter at LinkedIn

Shawn Hunter writes about the “The High Cost of Hiding Yourself.” This is a pretty benign example of what the The Deloitte Leadership Center for Inclusion calls “appearance covering.” We do it all the time when we accept a dinner invitation or go to the beach. We try to wear the right thing to fit… Read more »

The latest George Anders column at Forbes

George Anders on LinkedIn. LinkedIn reported a 46% jump in first quarter revenue, to $473 million, but higher expenses hurt earnings, while the company’s latest update of its overall 2014 outlook fell slightly short of analysts’ hopes. The professional-network company’s shares slipped about 4% in after-hours trading, after having climbed 5% earlier in the day,… Read more »