Here’s How Happy Americans Are Right Now

The Harris Poll, which has been conducting a happiness survey for the last nine years, surveyed 2,202 Americans ages 18 and older in May 2017. The survey was not designed to measure why Americans are or are not happy, but John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll, has some ideas. []

John Gerzema’s new study and ebook, Best Countries, is available now

John Gerzema’s new study and ebook Best Countries: Defining Success and Leadership in the Twenty-First Century is out now via US News. It has been highlighted at that following media outlets: • US News: “Indeed, the top three factors shaping image and future investment in a nation are innovation and entrepreneurship, quality of life and global… Read more »

Read John Gerzema’s Fourth Wall of Empathy on The Shriver Report

Read The Fourth Wall of Empathy by John Gerzema at The Shriver Report. While there is no dearth of discussion these days about the importance of empathy, a few of the most innovative leaders are going beyond symbolism to action: They understand that it is one thing to say you’re empathic; it is another thing… Read more »

Feminine Values Can Give Leaders An Edge

At the Harvard Biz Blog, John Gerzema on how Feminine Values Can Give Tomorrow’s Leaders an Edge. Curious as to how leaders could “think more like women,” we asked half our sample — 32,000 people around the world — to classify 125 different human characteristics as either masculine, feminine or neither, while the other half… Read more »

John Gerzema : The Socially Conscious Consumer

A profile of John Gerzema at Inc. Gerzema manages the world’s largest database of consumers, and so is uniquely positioned to kick theoretical tires. Intrigued by the observations about gender, he surveyed 64,000 people in 13 countries on how they felt about government, the economy, and the (mostly male) leaders pulling the levers. Substantial majorities… Read more »