Read Jay Newton-Small at Slate

Jay Newton-Small has published the piece, “My Mother’s Quiet Burden Was My Father’s Fading Mind.” If my mother’s death had been the quickest possible, my father’s was the slowest. Once he moved to my house, I quickly realized what my mother had been talking about. He shadowed my every move, often believing that I was… Read more »

Jay Newton-Small: “How Joe Biden Could Be the Next President”

At TIME, Jay Newton-Small explains out the possibility. President Hillary Clinton? President Donald Trump? The choice might not be so simple. There is still a path—albeit an implausible and narrow one—for an alternative: President Joe Biden. Biden ruled out running for president last year, of course. But if Clinton and Trump were to tie in the Electoral… Read more »

Read Jay Newton-Small’s exclusive Hillary Clinton profile at TIME

In addition to Jay Newton-Small’s exclusive, TIME has published two excerpts from her book Broad Influence How Women Are Changing the Way America Works, here and here. We talked about how she’s running differently this time around as a female candidate than in 2008, how she’d govern differently as a woman, her female political role… Read more »