David Gelernter interview in The Atlantic & WSJ

David Gelernter was interviewed recently at The Atlantic. Last month, David Gelernter, the pioneering Yale University computer scientist, met with Donald Trump to discuss the possibility of joining the White House staff. An article about the meeting in The Washington Post was headlined, “David Gelernter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump’s science… Read more »

Sam Weinman interviewed at the Washington Post

Sam Weinman talked about his book and explained “how to teach your kids to lose (and why that’s okay).” Washington Post: What made you want to focus on how to handle losing? Sam Weinman: I originally envisioned it as a small challenge I faced with my boys, but I realized this theme permeates throughout everything… Read more »

AP Interview with Adam Tanner

For the AP’s The Big Story, Adam Tanner was interviewed about “the promise and pitfalls of big medical data in his upcoming book Our Bodies, Our Data.” Question: What’s the worst case scenario for the future? Answer: The risk is that all of these anonymized profiles which have detailed histories of people become easily identifiable… Read more »

Gretchen Rubin interviews Brigid Schulte

Read the full interview at Gretchen’s blog right here. Brigid’s book, Overwhelmed, was released in paperback yesterday and is currently #1 the Women & Business category at Amazon.