New interview with Carmine Gallo at Worth

“Master raconteur and author of the upcoming book The Storyteller’s Secret, Carmine Gallo talks about struggle, persuasion and the importance of sharing stories.” WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO WRITE SPECIFICALLY ABOUT STORYTELLING? I wrote Talk Like Ted (2014), which I viewed as a public-speaking book. Very few people will actually ever give a TED talk…. Read more »

Read an in-depth interview with Gerald Posner

Gerald Posner was interviewed by the Online Review of Books recently about many of the books he has written. Gerald Posner is an author and investigative journalist originally from San Francisco and living today in Miami. He has written twelve books and has had his work as a freelance journalist published by The New York… Read more »

NY Times: Gretchen Rubin interview

Gretchen Rubin was interviewed for the New York Times “By the Book” series. What books are on your night stand now? My night stand is always crowded. Right now it boasts Willa Cather’s “My Ántonia” (which somehow I’ve never read); Mark Twain’s “Life on the Mississippi” (ditto); Rohinton Mistry’s “A Fine Balance”; Ben Fountain’s “Billy… Read more »

Shadi Hamid interview at Slate: Can Islam and Liberalism Coexist?

Shadi Hamid was interviewed by Isaac Chotiner on “Why Islam resists secularization, and how that continues to shape the politics of the Middle East.” Shadi Hamid: I’m essentially arguing that Islam is fundamentally different from other religions in a very specific way: its relationship to law and politics and governance. I wanted to use “exceptionalism”… Read more »

Q&A with Mark Graban

Corepoint Health talked to Mark Graban about the benefits and challenges of using Lean principles in healthcare. Q: How can technical teams comprised of analysts and interface developers benefit from Lean principles? A: Long story short… If it’s not benefiting everybody involved, it’s not really Lean. Lean is not a “zero sum game” as we’ve… Read more »

Jake Wood PCMA interview

Jake Wood, who is speaking later this month at PCMA Education’s Conference, spoke with their magazine Convene on leadership. Jake Wood learned about leadership early: Now standing 6-foot-6, he was always the tallest one in his class. “In elementary school, people were always looking to the tall kid to make decisions,” Wood said. “It was… Read more »

Interview: Robert Galford

Robert Galford recently gave an interview for ATD, the Association for Talent Development. What are some trends that you’re keeping an eye on in terms of leadership? I think that all too often—and shame on those of us who teach in and around business schools and executive classrooms—we have led others into what I refer… Read more »

Sam Harris interview at the NY Times

At the NYT blog, The Stone, a forum for contemporary philosophers and other thinkers on issues both timely and timeless, Gary Gutting dissects “Sam Harris’s Vanishing Self.” Sam Harris: I don’t actually argue that consciousness is “a reality” beyond the grasp of science. I just think that it is conceptually irreducible — that is, I… Read more »

Q&A with Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson answered some questions about her new book at Web MD. “The self-help bookshelves at our local libraries are flush with suggestions on how parents can better assess our children’s needs and things we can or should do to hold up our end of the child-rearing bargain. So many ideas and philosophies are overwhelming,… Read more »

New Sam Harris interview

Sam Harris was recently interviewed about his new book. Sam Harris is the author of several bestselling books and winner of the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. He is a cofounder and the CEO of Project Reason, a nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. He received a degree in… Read more »