Carmine Gallo’s latest for Inc.

Carmine Gallo offers a deeper dive into Steven Pinker’s new book on progress. If you’re pessimistic about the state of world today, Bill Gates and Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker have a message for you: “This bleak assessment of the state of the world is wrong. And not just a little wrong–wrong wrong, flat-earth wrong,… Read more »

Bob Sutton provides a tip for “Managing Millennials”

In an article at INC., Bob Sutton provides one of “6 Tips for Managing Millennials.” Performance appraisals are old school and impersonal. They tend to draw comparisons to other employees, and Millennials don’t want to be graded on a curve. They want direct, personal feedback on their projects in real time, not just blanket feedback… Read more »

Read Thomas Geotz in INC.

Thomas Goetz has penned a new piece for the latest issue of INC. Magazine, “When Apple Calls, You Need to Know How to Answer.” A number of months ago, my startup, Iodine, had the kind of moment that all startups dream about. We were invited by Apple–yes, that Apple–to partner on the launch of an… Read more »

Michele Wucker at INC.

Michele Wucker has a new piece at INC. on “How to Make Sure Your Startup Can Thrive With Change.” By definition, nobody does anything about the elephant in the room, just standing there. Also by definition, black swans–those “rare bird” unpredictable, random or unforeseen events that have extreme consequences–occur outside of our ability to anticipate… Read more »

Thomas Goetz at Inc. on Iodine’s new app, Start

Thomas Goetz has a new piece at Inc. called “Clinically Depressed–or an Entrepreneur?” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, not just because I’m neck deep in startup life, but because my startup, Iodine, has recently released a product designed to help people manage their depression. Our mobile app, called Start, lets those taking… Read more »

Thomas Goetz in the new issue of Inc. Magazine

Thomas Goetz has a new piece in the July/August issue of Inc., “How to Pick Metrics That Really Matter to Your Business.” Every Friday afternoon at my startup, Iodine, we gather in the conference room over beers for show-and-tell, spending an hour or so catching up on what the team has accomplished over the past… Read more »