Helen Marriage’s latest public art installation and event

The Guardian reports on the dazzling light show at Durham Cathedral which Helen Marriage’s group Artichoke is responsible for. The festival, created by the arts trust Artichoke, has now spread to other cities and will return to London in January, but it began in Durham in 2009. “It’s fair to say that in the beginning… Read more »

NY Times profile Helen Marriage’s public arts group, Artichoke

Helen Marriage profiled in the piece, “London Burns, for the Sake of Art.” London’s Burning was organized by Artichoke, a group that stages public art projects across Britain. The recreation of the devastating blaze was preceded by several other works as part of the festival: “Fire Garden,” a display by the Carabosse Company outside the… Read more »

Helen Marriage feature piece at Bloomberg

Helen Marriage is the focus of a new feature in Bloomberg’s design issue 2016.We have a track record now, but many of our projects were rejected for years before we could mount them. And I’ve evolved an understanding of why people say no. It’s fear, mostly, and not wanting to be accountable. Let someone else… Read more »

Helen Marriage featured at The Guardian

Helen Marriage and the work of her arts organization, Artichoke, were profiled recently in The Guardian. A couple of weeks before Christmas, in a 17th-floor corner office near Victoria station in London, a coup is being organised. The two dozen plotters and planners in the room are concerned principally with the following question: how do… Read more »

Watch: Helen Marriage on Artichoke’s Radical Arts Project in Derry/Londonderry

In March 2015, Helen Marriage’s Artichoke brought Burning Man artist David Best to the city. Together with people from across the community a beautiful shared structure was built that measured 72ft high before it was ceremonially burnt. ‘Temple’ turned traditional associations with bonfire burning in Northern Ireland on their head. [