Read Bob Pozen’s HBR piece here

Bob Pozen has published a new article in the latest Harvard Business Review []. Each year most public companies issue reports describing the pay packages of their CEOs. In them compensation committees attempt to explain the rationale behind the pay figures to the shareholders, who often must vote to approve them. The issue is, in… Read more »

Peter McGraw’s research cited in new Harvard Biz piece

The work of Peter McGraw was highlighted in the article, “When Joking with Your Employees Leads to Bad Behavior.” As we analyzed the data, we applied the concept of benign violation theory (BVT), first developed by behavioral scientist Peter McGraw at the University of Colorado, Boulder. McGraw and colleagues at the Humor Research Lab (HuRL)… Read more »

Clyde Prestowitz at the Harvard Business Review: “Don’t Cry for the TPP”

Clyde Prestowitz has written about why the Trans-Pacific Partnership was a mistake. President Trump’s formal withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations has precipitated a flood of tears about and warnings of the end of free trade and rising Chinese hegemony from orthodox economists and pundits. But there is no cause… Read more »

Rafi Mohammed: “How Retailers Should Think About Online Versus In-Store Pricing”

Pricing expert Rafi Mohammed has published a new Harvard Business Review feature. One of the biggest questions faced by brick-and-mortar retailers today is whether prices should be the same online and in stores. Gaining clarity on this issue is critical for traditional retailers to successfully compete in both environments. Brick-and-mortar retailers have been struggling with… Read more »

Sign up for Paul Zak’s Harvard Biz webinar

On Monday, Dec. 5th at noon, Paul Zak will deliver a webinar on the “Neuroscience of Trust: Setting Leaders Up for Success,” via Harvard Biz. Sign up here. It is widely known that high employee engagement is good for business. Not so widely known is how to make it happen. Some organizations try to build… Read more »

Joshua Gans has co-authored a new piece at the Harvard Business Review

Joshua Gans, most recently the author of The Disruption Dilemma, has co-authored “The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence.” The first effect of machine intelligence will be to lower the cost of goods and services that rely on prediction. This matters because prediction is an input to a host of activities including transportation, agriculture, healthcare, energy… Read more »

Harvard Biz: The Dark Side of Storytelling

Jonathan Gottschall’s latest HBR piece examines “Theranos and the Dark Side of Storytelling.” Humanity’s strange, ardent love affair with story has always fascinated me. To explore our enthrallment and explain the science behind it, I wrote a book – The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human. The book appealed to a predictable audience of… Read more »

Nick Tasler: “How to Get Better at Dealing with Change”

Read Nick Tasler’s latest Harvard Biz piece. Change is an unavoidable constant in our work lives. Sometimes it’s within our control, but most often it’s not. Our jobs or roles change — and not always for the better. Our organizations undergo reorgs and revamp their strategies, and we need to adjust. []