Watch two new Oliver Luckett Big Think videos

Oliver Luckett, author of the new book The Social Organism, takes on the topics, Mark Zuckerberg Is the World’s Most Powerful Editor-in-Chief and How the 2016 Election Catalyzed America’s Hidden Hate. Oliver Luckett is a technology entrepreneur and currently CEO of ReviloPark, a global culture accelerator. He has served as Head of Innovation at the… Read more »

Paul Saffo At CNN on Why Its Bad For Facebook to Gobble up Oculus

Paul Saffo at CNN: Why it’s bad for Facebook to gobble up Oculus. For decades, Silicon Valley’s culture was built around small startups that counted on “going public” — listing their shares in an initial public offering. The resulting IPO provided working capital to the founders and allowed ordinary investors to buy into the dream… Read more »

Huggy Rao & Bob Sutton new feature at Wired

To mark the debut of their new book–Scaling Up Excellence–Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao have a new feature at Wired. Facebook’s future is impossible to know. Despite stumbles including a botched public offering, some pundits predict it will become more dominant than Apple and Google; others predict that it will flail and fade away like… Read more »