Nick Riggle’s book at Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur called “Nick Riggle’s new book … a roadmap to achieving awesomeness.” Check out “10 Quotes to Help You Not Suck and Be Awesome, According to an Awesomeness Expert.” What’s better than being excellent? Apparently it’s being awesome. And we’ll stop you right there: these words are not interchangeable. At least according to Nick Riggle,… Read more »

Tom Szaky’s TerraCycle named one of the best Entrepreneurial Companies in America

Entrepreneur Magazine has named Tom Szaky’s TerraCycle to their group of forward thinkers, the Entrepreneur360 list. Forward Thinkers surge ahead in growth and profits by being aggressive in adopting new technologies and processes, setting high targets and expanding proactively. While that high growth rate isn’t easily financed without outside funding, the Forward Thinkers seem to… Read more »

Carmine Gallo profiles Pastor Joel Osteen for Entrepreneur

In Entrepreneur Magazine, Carmine Gallo’s interview with the world-famous pastor reveals “Reveals the 2 Words That Can Motivate You to Pursue Your Dreams.” For 17 years, pastor Joel Osteen was happy to work behind the scenes, running television production for his dad’s ministry in Houston. Osteen’s dad encouraged him to preach, but Osteen’s head wasn’t… Read more »

Read Jeff Goins at Entrepreneur

Jeff Goins has written a new piece for Entrepreneur, “The Portfolio Life: A Surprising Route to Job Security.” The Internet’s buzzing about the impending age of freelancing. Some statistics say that as soon as 2020, 50 percent of the workforce will be contract employees or self-employed. The world of work is undoubtedly changing, and we’re… Read more »

Carmine Gallo at Entrepreneur: One of Steve Jobs’ Last Public Statements Can Help You Discover Your Passion

Read Carmine’s piece on the late Apple CEO.Passion is everything. You cannot inspire unless you’re inspired yourself. In 25 years of studying communication, I’ve never met an inspiring entrepreneur who isn’t freakishly enthusiastic about his or her idea. Steve Jobs, one of the most passionate entrepreneurs in business history, may have offered the best definition… Read more »

The Latest Carmine Gallo Press

Some new press for Carmine Gallo’s latest book, Talk Like Ted. At Fortune, Anne Fisher has a profile. And at Entrepreneur, read Carmine’s piece, “The Magical Number That Will Amplify Your Next Presentation.” Every fourth day in July, America celebrates the three “unalienable rights” of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life, liberty and… Read more »