David Gelernter interview in The Atlantic & WSJ

David Gelernter was interviewed recently at The Atlantic. Last month, David Gelernter, the pioneering Yale University computer scientist, met with Donald Trump to discuss the possibility of joining the White House staff. An article about the meeting in The Washington Post was headlined, “David Gelernter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump’s science… Read more »

David Gelernter in the Wall Street Journal

David Gelernter has a new piece in this weekend’s WSJ on artificial intelligence, “Machines That Will Think and Feel.” Artificial intelligence is breathing down our necks: Software built by Google startled the field last week by easily defeating the world’s best player of the Asian board game Go in a five-game match. Go resembles chess… Read more »

New David Gelernter essay in the Wall Street Journal

David Gelernter has written a piece on music education and technology. Most children learn nothing about serious music in school and don’t expect to learn anything. Outside school, the music world is being upended and shaken vigorously. The ways we choose music and listen to it are being transformed by iTunes and Spotify and other… Read more »

Wall Street Journal Profiles Yale Professor David Gelernter

David Gelernter profiled at the Wall Street Journal. Yale University professor David Gelernter is not a typical computer scientist. Most days, he sits at an easel near a wide window in his Woodbridge, Conn., house and paints. Two parrots fly around the house, which is filled with stacks of books and papers. The birds screech… Read more »