David Burkus named Thinkers 50 – Thinker of the Month

Via Thinkers50.com: This month, for our Thinker of the Month segment, we’re doing things a little differently and allowing you even more access into the brain of our thinker, David Burkus. At the end of this month, you can join Dave and Stuart Crainer for a rousing discussion on this ideas in his new book…. Read more »

New David Burkus TEDx Talk

While sharing salaries might raise privacy concerns, some leaders have found that keeping them secret might be hurting employees, causing dissatisfaction and hiding discrimination…it may even be the reason the gender wage gap is so hard to close. In this talk, David Burkus questions our cultural assumptions around keeping pay secret and reveals that sharing… Read more »

Register for Ron Friedman’s free Peak Work Performance online summit

From January 5th to January 12th, Ron Friedman is presenting The Peak Work Performance Summit, which will feature daily interviews with the top thought leaders, including five fellow BrightSight Group speakers: Gretchen Rubin, Todd Henry, Brigid Schulte, Dan Roam and David Burkus. Register for the free online summit here.

David Burkus: Speaker to watch at PCMA

David was one five “Speakers to Watch” at PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference yesterday. Burkus began his presentation by stating that Thomas Edison’s greatest invention wasn’t the light bulb, it was Menlo Park — the site of the first industrial research lab. “The Menlo Park years were some of Edison’s most productive years,” he said. “He… Read more »

New David Burkus peice at Harvard Business Review

Read David Burkus’s latest on why “For Leaders, Looking Healthy Matters More than Looking Smart.” Every year around this time, people make resolutions to improve their lives and careers. The most common of these typically involve health-related goals such as quitting smoking or losing weight. The next most common might be career goals like finding… Read more »