Clyde Prestowitz at the Harvard Business Review: “Don’t Cry for the TPP”

Clyde Prestowitz has written about why the Trans-Pacific Partnership was a mistake. President Trump’s formal withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations has precipitated a flood of tears about and warnings of the end of free trade and rising Chinese hegemony from orthodox economists and pundits. But there is no cause… Read more »

Clyde Prestowitz’s latest book reviewed in the Washington Post

Clyde Prestowitz’s latest is a “Prescription for resuscitating Japan.” Clyde Prestowitz’s new book is one of the more thought-provoking forays into Asian-Pacific geopolitics to have been published in recent years — at least as noteworthy for its messenger as for its message. Nearly three decades ago, after stepping down as a counselor to Commerce Secretary… Read more »

Clyde Prestowitz with an op-ed in the LA Times

Clyde has a new piece at the LA Times on “The Trans-Pacific Partnership won’t deliver jobs or curb China’s power.” As counselor to the secretary of Commerce in the Reagan administration, I was involved in a number of trade negotiations, including the so-called MOSS (market-oriented sector-selective) talks. Some veteran negotiators waggishly renamed those negotiations —… Read more »

Clyde Prestowitz Talks Globalization Meaning War With Foreign Policy

Cylde Prestowitz at Foreign Policy: “Does Globalization Mean War?” Do you remember the mantra of the Clinton era officials and commentators on globalization — that free trade would make all nations rich, and that being rich they would become democratic and being democratic they would become peace-loving because democracies don’t go to war with each… Read more »