Read the latest from Chris Chabris in the WSJ

Chris’s latest is “A New Deal in Card Games.” A simple deck of playing cards is incredibly versatile. With just 52 cards divided into four suits of 13 ordered ranks, you can play a seemingly infinite variety of games— without even adding the jokers, which figure mainly in “house rules” variants of standard games. Amazingly,… Read more »

NY Times: Christopher Chabris on “How Not to Explain Success”

Christopher Chabris, and fellow Union College professor Joshua Hart, have penned an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times, a critique of the book, The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America. We analyzed the data several ways, and three findings consistently emerged. First, the more… Read more »

Read Christopher Chabris in the Sunday NY Times

Christopher Chabris has co-written a new op-ed for the New York Times, “Please, Corporations, Experiment on Us.” CAN it ever be ethical for companies or governments to experiment on their employees, customers or citizens without their consent? The conventional answer — of course not! — animated public outrage last year after Facebook published a study… Read more »

New NY Times op-ed by Chris Chabris and Dan Simons

Co-author of The Invisible Gorilla, Christopher Chabris writes, “Dan Simons and I have an op-ed in tomorrow’s New York Times about memory and confidence, and especially about how we should understand and respond to false memories in ourselves and others. The piece was inspired by the discovery of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s false memory of George… Read more »

Read Chris Chabris’s new Wall Street Journal column

Christopher Chabris currently has a new feature in the WSJ on games. His first piece, “The Play That Changed Poker,” is out now. The now-famous 2004 move was made by Dan Harrington. With seven players left in the event, Josh Arieh opened the action with a bet of $225,000. Greg Raymer called the bet. When… Read more »

Christopher Chabris at Slate on replication in scientific studies

Chris Chabris has written a new piece at Slate: “Why Psychologists’ Food Fight Matters.” Psychologists are up in arms over, of all things, the editorial process that led to the recent publication of a special issue of the journal Social Psychology. This may seem like a classic case of ivory tower navel gazing, but its… Read more »

Chris Chabris on Malcolm Gladwell

Chris Chabris on Why Malcolm Gladwell Matters (And Why That’s Unfortunate): I say good for you to everyone who doesn’t take Gladwell seriously. But the reason I take him seriously is because I take him and his publisher at their word. On their face, many of the assertions and conclusions in Gladwell’s books are clearly… Read more »