Watch the book trailer for Carmine Gallo’s latest

Carmine Gallo, best-selling author, popular keynote speaker, and advisor to the world’s most admired brands, is set to return with his latest, Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get from Good to Great. Available June 5th. Watch the book trailer above.

Carmine Gallo’s latest for Inc.

Carmine Gallo offers a deeper dive into Steven Pinker’s new book on progress. If you’re pessimistic about the state of world today, Bill Gates and Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker have a message for you: “This bleak assessment of the state of the world is wrong. And not just a little wrong–wrong wrong, flat-earth wrong,… Read more »

New interview with Carmine Gallo at Worth

“Master raconteur and author of the upcoming book The Storyteller’s Secret, Carmine Gallo talks about struggle, persuasion and the importance of sharing stories.” WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO WRITE SPECIFICALLY ABOUT STORYTELLING? I wrote Talk Like Ted (2014), which I viewed as a public-speaking book. Very few people will actually ever give a TED talk…. Read more »

Read Carmine Gallo’s interview of Tony Robbins

At Forbes, Carmine Gallo has interviewed motivation guru Tony Robbins on “How ‘Raw Communication’ Changed My Life.” I do my homework,” says Robbins. “I ask myself, Who’s in the audience? What are they hungry for? What am I going to say that I know for certain will make a difference in their lives? I don’t… Read more »

Podcast: How Storytelling Can Grow a Business

Carmine Gallo was a guest on the Knowledge@Wharton podcast talk about how “the business world is always looking for that great new idea, but what if the next big thing was something as old as humanity?” []