Brigid Schulte co-creates The Better Life Lab Channel

Brigid Schulte is the director of New America’s Better Life Lab, which today announced The Better Life Lab Channel, a partnership with Slate. The Better Life Lab Channel is launching with a pop-up blog that will explore why striking a good balance between work life and family life seems so unattainable for so many people—and… Read more »

Read Brigid Schulte at New York Magazine

Brigid Schulte recently published “Even Work-Life Balance Experts Are Awful at Balancing Work and Life.” I’ve come to call this the expert’s dilemma. It’s something I came across again and again, both while I was researching my book, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time and in my own search for… Read more »

Read Brigid Schulte at Quartz

Brigid Schulte has just begun work on a new series on the behavioral science behind why we work so much, and systems we can design that may be able to help us work better and have time for life. The problem isn’t policies—it’s culture. Some companies have sought better work-life balance through experiments with flexible… Read more »

Gretchen Rubin interviews Brigid Schulte

Read the full interview at Gretchen’s blog right here. Brigid’s book, Overwhelmed, was released in paperback yesterday and is currently #1 the Women & Business category at Amazon.