Gordon Wood’s new book is out now; reviewed in the WSJ

Gordon Wood’s latest Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson is out now. It has been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal: “…as Gordon S. Wood vividly conveys in “Friends Divided,” the two men were stark contrasts in almost every way. Tall and lanky, Jefferson towered over the short and stout Adams. Outwardly serene, gregarious… Read more »

Anne Nelson’s new book reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

An unsung hero of the French Resistance, Suzanne Spaak risked everything to save Jewish children from deportation to Auschwitz. Diane Cole reviews Suzanne’s Children by Anne Nelson. “My children are safe while others are threatened.” That anguished thought gave Belgian heiress Suzanne Spaak the determination to risk everything to protect Jewish children in Nazi-occupied Paris… Read more »

Wall Street Journal review of David Baron’s American Eclipse

The WSJ have reviewed the David Baron’s new book. On July 29, 1878, a hundred-mile-wide patch of midday darkness swept across a swath of the western United States. It was a total solar eclipse—a rare transit of the moon directly between earth and sun. Across the still-wild West, thousands of stargazers gathered, chasing a few… Read more »

Read Matt Taibbi’s NYT book review of Brave New Weed by Joe Dolce

Joe Dolce’s Brave New Weed has been reviewed in the New York Times by author and journalist Matt Taibbi. On the same evening Donald Trump became the president-elect, four states — California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and three others voted to allow it for medicinal purposes. It was one… Read more »

Truevine: Beth Macy’s latest book in the NY Times and WSJ

Beth Macy, author of the best-selling and critically acclaimed Factory Man, is set to release her next book tomorrow, Truevine: Two Brothers, a Kidnapping, and a Mother’s Quest: A True Story of the Jim Crow South. It just received impressive reviews from the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times: As she did her prodigious… Read more »

Shady Hamid’s new book reviewed at Foreign Affairs

“Not all of the group’s adherents approved of that message, however. A month after the killings, a Muslim Brother­hood activist in Turkey told Shadi Hamid, an expert on political Islam, that she disagreed with the organi­zation’s decision to issue the statement. Like many other mainstream Islamists, she opposed the Paris attack but felt that Islamists should refrain from… Read more »

Carol Anderson’s White Rage gets a glowing NY Times book review

Carol Anderson’s White Rage is out now and has been getting rave reviews, including this from the Times: “An extraordinarily timely and urgent call to confront the legacy of structural racism bequeathed by white anger and resentment, and to show its continuing threat to the promise of American democracy” -NY Times Book Review [“Why Are… Read more »

NY Times review of Sean Carroll’s bestseller, The Big Picture

Sean Carroll’s latest book, The Big Picture, has received a glowing NY Times review. Coming to terms with science is not getting any easier. Today’s popularizers face two challenges, both of which are admirably met by Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology, in his new book, “The Big Picture: On… Read more »