Bob Sutton provides a tip for “Managing Millennials”

In an article at INC., Bob Sutton provides one of “6 Tips for Managing Millennials.” Performance appraisals are old school and impersonal. They tend to draw comparisons to other employees, and Millennials don’t want to be graded on a curve. They want direct, personal feedback on their projects in real time, not just blanket feedback… Read more »

Congratulations to Bob Sutton! Named a Top 10 Most Influential Leaders by AMA

Bob garnered the #10 spot in the American Management Association’s List of the 30 Most Influential Leaders. Thirty individuals have been identified as the top leaders who influenced business in 2014, according to a poll conducted by American Management Association (AMA). Heading the list of management thought leaders are authors John Maxwell, Malcolm Gladwell, and… Read more »

Read Bob Sutton’s LinkedIn Influencer piece on scaling

Bob has just published a new piece, “The Dark Side of Scaling Up: Will You Want to Live in What You Build?” My Stanford colleague Huggy Rao and I devoted seven years to learning about what it takes to scale up excellence in organizations. We studied how leaders and teams build and identify pockets of… Read more »

Bob Sutton: The #1 Must-Read Twitter feed for 2015 at Inc.

Follow Bob’s @work_matters feed if you haven’t already. The reality checker. In my experience, most business writers tend to pull their punches. Sutton is the kind of no-nonsense plain talker who would and did publish a book entitled The No Asshole Rule. His Twitter feed is equally outspoken. []