WATCH: Brian Alexander on Bloomberg

Brian Alexander, author of “Glass House,” discusses what he learned about private equity while researching the book. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly on “Bloomberg Markets.” Watch at

Helen Marriage feature piece at Bloomberg

Helen Marriage is the focus of a new feature in Bloomberg’s design issue 2016.We have a track record now, but many of our projects were rejected for years before we could mount them. And I’ve evolved an understanding of why people say no. It’s fear, mostly, and not wanting to be accountable. Let someone else… Read more »

Rafi Mohammed on the Apple Watch

Rafi Mohammed appeared on Bloomberg to discuss the Apple Watch’s pricing problem. Watch here. He also wrote a piece about the same issue for the Harvard Biz blog. The downside of this wide price range, from a brand perspective, is further complicated by the technology component of the Watch. When consumers see prices ranging up… Read more »

Watch Michael Levi on Bloomberg

Michael was recently guest on Bloomberg Surveillance discussing what the plunge in oil prices may mean to U.S. production. Watch here.