Vara Kamin

Speech Topics

Like life, the path of creativity and change is not a linear process.

While presenting how to slow down one’s internal combustible engine, in this inspiring talk, the artist Vara Kamin explores how to engage active imagination to stimulate the creative process. This presentation is not about learning how to paint, draw, write poetry, sing or dance. Rather, it’s about how anyone can begin to cultivate a relationship with their internal creative ‘voice’ and experience how prevailing thoughts and ideas can evolve into a new perspective for change.

Using original fables as workplace human development tools, Vara’s keynotes & workshop programs have addressed a variety of different issues including: team building, communication, and cultural diversity. The work has now evolved and expanded to meet broader-based needs within corporations that:

◊ are launching significant corporate transformation and are committed to long-term goals for superior performance from employees.

◊ have a strategic direction established and asking for commitment from employees.

◊ are willing to unleash human potential and engage all levels of the company to translate strategic vision into their own actions and contributions.

◊ realize the environment they provide employees directly affects performance, and are willing to nurture people’s achievements and growth in the new direction.

◊ are actively pursuing a departure from the traditional top-down approach to organization change.

◊ are struggling in the aftermath of downsizing and restructuring that requires accomplishing more with fewer resources.

The audience size for these events may vary from 10-25 people for intensive management development, to 50-100 for departmental or managerial/supervisory meetings. While this type of Creative Facilitation and training may not be for every company, it is effective as an adjunct to more traditional kinds of management and sales training for employees at all levels of function.

The program length can vary from one-hour presentations to one-half and full day programs dependent upon the scope of the client’s needs. While the context of each program may be based on one of the program selections, Ms. Kamin does extensive developmental work with each client to customize a program that addresses particularly meaningful issues for that organization.


◊ establishes meaningful dialogue throughout all levels of the organization.

◊ initiates a fresh, reflective approach to change within all individuals and teams.

◊reaches a collective commitment to understanding and achieving the corporate vision


A graduate of Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing (Boston, MA), Artist, Author and Former Public Health Nurse, Vara Kamin’s broad range of experience is reflective of her background in health care and her lifelong interest and studies in literature, philosophy, meditative practices, color and design. Her published credits include: Family Circle Magazine, Ladies Home Journal and other national magazines, as well as “The Gold Key in the Mahogany Box and Other Fables to Live By” (Berkley Books, NY).

Kamin’s original works of art have been commissioned by various health care, commercial and residential clients throughout the country. For more than a decade, a selected number of Kamin’s paintings have been replicated and placed in hospitals and healing centers throughout the country in a wide variety of adult and pediatric clinical care settings; partial list of clients include: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Capital Health Regional Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, Seoul, Korea, and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Her Impressions of Light® images change the energy of a space by altering the intensity of light and interjecting color therapy in the form of visually-engaging, multi-layered paintings. The images provide healthcare practitioners, designers, architects and facility planners with a lighting solution that contributes to the transformation of high-stress environments into more relaxing spaces, and are appropriate for placement in a wide variety of environments. In February 2012, Kamin received the designation of an Arts and Health Distinguished Fellow for her outstanding vision, leadership and commitment to excellence in the field of Art and Healing.

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