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Ideal Audience: General

Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout

Description and Objectives:

It’s not WHAT you know…

“Shockingly, only 15% of your financial success is due to technical knowledge.” – Carnegie Institute of Technology

Not so fast. It isn’t WHO you know either…

Your organization has the raw talent. Look around your org chart. The boxes aren’t where the really big problems are. The biggest problems are found at the lines in between. At their roots, the biggest problems are caused by a lack of human connection.

Technology was supposed to improve the QUALITY of our human connection. Instead, we’ve become lost in a sea of softly-glowing screens and endless email, losing touch with each other and suffering consequences that no one could have predicted.

The Magic of Human Connection – A Dying Art in a Digital World presentation uncovers the keys to creating more human connection at work and in life in a world that has forgotten how. After experiencing engaging stories and humor, provocative science, Tim’s incredible “brain science magic,” and yes, his show-stopping “backwards poem”, attendees will leave feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of what is really important – bringing that sense of purpose and meaning into the workplace with astonishing bottom-line results.

After this program, attendees will be able to…

  • Understand and apply the five keys of human connection
  • Create more rapport and influence in all interpersonal interactions
  • Eliminate the mindset that destroys communication before it even begins
  • Appreciate the importance of human connection in a business setting and feel motivated to improve connection skills
  • Create and contribute to a work culture focused on human connection

Ideal Audience: Mid-Level Managers (New or Experienced), Executives, Franchise Owners

Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout Session, Strategic Work Session (Half-day or Full-day)

Description and Objectives:

Funny, engaging, and sharply insightful, The Highly Connected Leader offers proven answers to some of the most difficult challenges faced while leading others.

If you had no ability to punish or reward, could you still motivate every member of your team? If you aren’t constantly “on them,” does the work still get done? Does it get done right? Do you ever feel like a babysitter instead of a boss?

After this program, attendees will be able to:

  • Use the five laws of delegation to ensure work gets done, and gets done right
  • Describe the two simple (but contradictory) rules of leadership and how high levels of human connection will bridge the gap
  • Deliver negative feedback in a way that creates movement instead of mutiny
  • Create real motivation within their teams without resorting to bribes, threats, or even incentives
  • Implement an eye-opening method for making smart decisions that cuts meeting times by 75%, destroys groupthink, and increases creative output by 493%
  • Artfully deal with the frequent “pop-ins” that threaten productivity while still maintaining an open door policy
  • Implement these leadership and influence strategies starting tomorrow, whether they have an official title or not

“One comment – Awesome. I gained several different insights in regards to management that will be valuable to me in my current position.” – Donna Groff, Pfizer, Collegeville, PA

“This program benefited me with an increase in productivity and smoother running teams. It challenged and motivated me to engage my team.” – Elizabeth Bjellquist, Lead Software Engineer, ADP Roseland, NJ

“The best practices and examples helped clarify many questions about moving into my new role. Great job and very helpful.” – Ariel Delgaeto, IT Manager, Weight Watchers International, New York City

Ideal Audience: Sales Professionals

Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout Session, Strategic Work Session (Half-day or Full-day)

Description and Objectives:

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. But you CAN make him thirsty.” – Tim David

This entertaining and informative science-based program is all about creating true influence rooted in authentic human connection and NOT a series of phony or pushy sales tactics. Everyone at every level will walk away with step-by-step ideas they will be excited to use during their next sales interaction, measurably boosting their effectiveness.

Influential Selling is a five-step “reverse influence” system that anyone can feel comfortable using. Attendees will receive:

  • The fascinating brain science behind authentic influence
  • The exact “Pre-Elevator Pitch” formula that went viral
  • What to do BEFORE any selling can take place
  • Why authentic influence is a learned skill and not an innate gift
  • How to replace ineffective language with attention-grabbing “magic words”
  • How to spot and erase objections before the prospect is even aware of them
  • How to stand out from the clutter and form a real human connection with limited time or through digital media
  • Body language adjustments that make a world of difference in how people perceive you AND your product
  • Deal-killing mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making
  • The complete “H.O.R.S.E.” Influence System and a buffet of ideas to fit any personality style

“I really enjoyed this seminar today, Tim is very very good. This particular seminar was very helpful. If you’re in sales, you definitely want to know what Tim has to teach you.” – Alan Siegel, Alan Siegel Financial Services

“I thought the presentation was excellent. It was very entertaining but also very informative. He clearly has a lot of deep knowledge and useful knowledge, things that you can put into practice to make your business be better. It was fun.” – Don Gottfried, Bulfinch Group

“I was truly blown away by your presentation as everyone else was who had a brain functioning that day. I have been to many sales summit type functions in my 27 years in the business and have never been so positively energized.” – Anthony Bonnanzio, Norcom Mortgage, CT

Ideal Audience: HR Professionals, Managers/Leaders, Law Enforcement, Internal Investigators, Negotiators, Etc.

Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout, Half-Day

Description and Objectives:

  • 1 in 5 employees are aware of fraud in the workplace.
  • One-third of all resumes contain lies.
  • Deception costs organizations $997 billion per year in the US alone (about 7% of Revenues.)

Lies happen. More often than not, they leave evidence behind. In this keynote, breakout, or half-day workshop, professional mentalist, Tim David shares how to effectively read people in order to create more truth, trust, and honesty in the workplace.

How to Detect Deception – A TRUE Advantage will provide attendees with a four-step method for detecting deception in the workplace.

Typical Behavior

First, we’ve got to know the subject’s typical behavior patterns. Is she fidgeting because she’s nervous or is she just hyped up on caffeine?

The goal is not to read body language, but rather, to read CHANGES in body language. We start by uncovering what the subject’s “normal” is.

Request Information

A common misconception about detecting deception is that it is ONLY about observing a person’s “tells”. While their non-verbals are incredibly important, the questions that you ask may actually be more important than your ability to read people.

Tim will provide a list of questions to ask and how to interpret the most likely responses.

Uncovering Gaps and Clusters

The difference between a typical behavior pattern and the behavior you observe is a “behavioral gap”. The difference between their story and the facts is an “informational gap”. Gaps are almost always red flags pointing to possible deception.

“Clusters” are groups of gaps. One phony gesture does not make someone a liar. You need to see a group, or a “cluster” to be sure. Tim will tell you exactly which verbal and non-verbal clues to look for. You’ll feel like a real-life Sherlock Holmes after this session.

Establish Your Case

A suspicion ultimately is not good enough. You’ve got to be able to confirm and communicate it to the powers that be.

Tim will give you a rock-solid format for double-checking and documenting whether deception is present. This is the exact system used by law enforcement.

We hear as many as 200 lies per day. Worse, without training, we are no better than a chimpanzee or a coin toss at spotting them. As a result, we hire the wrong person, move forward with incomplete or inaccurate information, or allow dangerous and unacceptable behavior to continue unchecked, and it all happens right under our noses.

There’s no question that truth and trust are vital components to a human connected work culture. Equip your people with the skills necessary to dramatically boost their lie spotting ability with How to Detect Deception – A TRUE Advantage.

“Tim was one of the best speakers we have ever had!!!  He was engaging, humorous, and insightful. He provided us with very useful and practical tips about detecting deception. As someone who conducts many internal investigations, I found his presentation to be particularly helpful and right on the mark. We are going to have Tim back to do a half-day program, and I will be recommending him to as many corporations and HR professionals as I can — he is someone that everyone needs to meet!!!” – Julie Moore, Program Chair, Greater Merrimack Valley Human Resources Association

“I am a professional investigator and have had the opportunity to attend a lot of training for detecting deception and felt this was an excellent short course on the subject. Easy to understand, engaging, and interesting presenter. All of the components of detecting deception during an interview were covered in a short presentation without unnecessary information loaded into the topic. Five stars.” – Carl Mountain, Senior Investigator, Microsoft Global Security


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Like you, author and influential communication expert, Tim David is frustrated by what is happening to the quality of human connection in our modern world. Can more connection really increase the bottom line and improve the quality of our lives at the same time? Will better human connection really make us better leaders, better salespeople, and better co-workers?

With over ten years of speaking, mentoring, writing, and most importantly real-world, in-the-trenches business experience, Tim can unequivocally answer, “YES!”

Strong human connection makes you more memorable, likable, and influential, which is something everyone wants, but few people realize is a learned skill and not an innate gift. In short, anyone can discover simple ways to improve the quality and power of human connection in their life.

Nothing could be simpler or more practical than the ideas in his bestselling book, Magic Words – The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence (Penguin Random House). Tim’s science-based approach is radically different from standard leadership, sales, or communication training as it was honed during his years as a professional and international award-winning “brain science magician” and perfected while working with top companies and organizations from almost every US state and around the world.

He is best known for his wildly entertaining delivery style and mastery of presenting information in a way that is remembered and applied long after he leaves the building.

His work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, PsychologyToday.com, Huffington Post, Forbes, the NY Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Today Show, Investor’s Business Daily, and hundreds of other news and media outlets around the world. He also hosts The Studies Show Podcast.

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