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How would your company be different if all your employees saw themselves as creative? What if you could give them practical tools to help them turn simple ideas into unforgettable results?

In “Unlocking Creativity in Everyone,” a joint talk with Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe, a.k.a. the Coke & Mentos guys, you’ll get an inside look at their creative process, with inspiring (and fun!) examples drawn from their viral videos that have been seen over 150 million times. And they show you how you can put these practical methods into action at your company.

There is a myth that certain people are creative, while others aren’t. But the truth is that the right process unlocks creativity in everyone. With both practicality and playfulness, Stephen and Fritz give your employees a step-by-step process for generating their own innovative ideas and turning those ideas into unforgettable results.

Lawrence Lessig of Stanford University called them “geniuses,” but Stephen and Fritz don’t believe in genius. This presentation emphasizes the value of hard work, with creativity arising not from bolts of inspiration but from dedication and determination.

What if you could get people telling all their friends about your ads? What if your company were the buzz of the Internet?

Michael Donnelly, the Director of Interactive Marketing at Coca-Cola, said that EepyBird Studios’ second viral campaign had, in his words, “the impact of a Super Bowl ad.” In The Viral Video Manifesto, Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe, a.k.a. the Coke and Mentos guys, give you the tools to get these kinds of results for your company.

The world of advertising has changed. With DVR’s and online video, now, more than ever, people are skipping the ads or ignoring them altogether. It’s time for brands to stop making ads that people ignore and unlock the power of viral video. It’s time for your company to make ads that people want to watch.

Stephen and Fritz offer the keys to creating contagious content for your brand. These tools enable you to create an emotional connection with consumers—and get them sharing that experience with their friends.

With their first-hand knowledge—creating viral hits for OfficeMax, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, ABC Family, Blue Man Group, and more—plus the countless hours they’ve spent analyzing YouTube videos (so you don’t have to!), Stephen and Fritz have uncovered what works and what doesn’t in online video.


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Before Stephen grew up to be a lawyer and a responsible adult, he was inspired to become a performer by the vibrant street performing scene that surrounded him as a kid growing up in San Francisco. He taught himself to juggle at an early age and to eat fire when he was a teenager. Armed with those skills and a few magic tricks, he took to the streets to perform while he was in high school and college. Stephen and his brother John performed at Bay Area tourist attractions including San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Their act stood out primarily because it featured a William Tell-like stunt in which Stephen would place an apple on his brother’s back and chop it in half with a two-foot steel machete, wielding the machete so as to slice the apple neatly in two but stopping the blade just in time to avoid maiming his brother. Their mother did not approve. Stephen went on to receive his A.B. from Oberlin College in 1979, where he majored in religion, studied theater, and taught juggling. He received his law degree in 1984 from New York University. After graduation he moved to the Boston area where he has been a trial lawyer ever since with an active practice in both the state and federal courts. He has tried and won leading cases in Massachusetts involving, among other things, sex discrimination in employment, securities fraud and civil racketeering, and the rights of the public in Massachusetts’s beaches.


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