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During the last 30 years the Digital Revolution has changed the world in many ways from how we work to how we communicate, and in some cases its effects have been so profound it has disrupted and even eradicated entire industries.

In the same vein a perfect storm of technological and biological advancements are spelling a new era of health. One that is highly personalized to the individual and that takes advantage of emerging trends in the fields of genomics, mobile technology, sensor innovation, big data, bionics, neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

In this presentation, Stephen brings together these trends to illustrate how the Digital Health Revolution will allow us to live healthier, stronger and smarter lives, for longer.

Social media is changing the way consumers and healthcare organizations interact, and provides an opportunity to serve the public, patients and healthcare professionals in ways which were previously not possible.

Consumers are increasingly turning to online and social media to find health information and 80 percent of people looking for health information start online. A further 25 percent of people surveyed said social media was “very likely” to influence future health decisions.

Increasingly online communities are being formed around specific diseases and conditions and healthcare organizations have the opportunity to understand the wants and needs of these patient communities and the types of conversations that take place in them.

In this presentation, Stephen discusses the increasingly vast healthcare social media landscape and why every healthcare organization should have a social media strategy.


Stephen Davies is a consultant specializing in how new technologies are impacting health, fitness and wellbeing. His widely-read blog Bionicly is at the intersection of where man and machine merge, and where technological and scientific innovations are allowing us to live healthier, stronger and smarter lives, for longer.

Stephen’s work and research looks at the growing fields of consumer digital health including personal genomics, mHealth, human augmentation, wearable technology, neurotechnology, healthcare social media and other emerging trends.

He has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, Health and Fitness, Men’s Health and Yahoo News for his work in digital health. Forbes magazine called Stephen, “a resonant voice for digital health and a must-follow.”

A regular on the speaking circuit, he has spoken at events in the U.S., U.K., mainland Europe, Russia and the UAE, and for organizations such as the British Medical Association, Royal Society of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Association.

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