Stephan Faris

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Climate change is about much more than the weather. Stephan Faris looks beyond the environment and explores how global warming will impact the world politically, strategically and economically. Through a series of carefully chosen case studies illustrating the unexpected impacts on our rapidly changing globe Stephan Faris shows how climate change has the potential to spark war in Darfur, shuffle the political landscape in Europe, roil the Californian wine industry, bring and end to the Florida retirement dream, and more.


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Stephan Faris has written from Africa, the Middle East, and China for publications including Time, Fortune, the Atlantic Monthly, Salon and Monocle. He has covered war in Liberia, the rise of Islamists in Somalia, genocide trials in Rwanda, oil woes in Nigeria, refugees from Darfur, and Internet censorship in China. In the spring of 2003, he covered the invasion of Iraq for the New York Daily News as an unembedded reporter in the Kurdish North. He returned to Baghdad a year later for Time Magazine. He now lives in Rome, where he contributes to Fortune and travels to Africa and China.

He holds an undergraduate degree in optical engineering from The University of Arizona, and a graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University.

His latest book, Forecast, expands upon an article written for the Atlantic Monthly that described how global warming set the stage for the genocide in Darfur. It brings readers around the world in a surprising investigation into the varied ways-political, strategic, and economic-that climate change will affect the world in the near future.

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