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There’s a quintessential piece of the goal setting puzzle missing. In our culture’s quest to understand goals, and reaching the impossible dream, we’ve narrowed our focus on finish lines. But what about the starting line? What would change is we spent as much time glorifying those as we do finish lines? Listen as Author and World Record Breaker, Steph Jagger, talks about the importance of starting lines including how to know when our toes are upon them. Are you staring at the tape at end of the race, wondering when it’s going to be your turn to win, or are you listening for the call to your very own grand adventure?


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Stephanie Jagger is committed to helping people live and work with intention. “As a coach, my mission is to help people discover, declare and deliver on their unique purpose with truth, integrity and drive. This type of coaching reveals natural strengths, backs those up with intention and allows my clients to ‘raise their restraining devices’ and move swiftly towards results.”

She works one-on-one with clients ranging from front-of-the-line staff to senior leaders in global organizations. Above and beyond her one-on-one work, Stephanie has developed a series of focused workshops in topics including but not limited to: Fierce Conversations, Archetypal Leadership and Presence Based Leadership. Steph’s debut book is Unbound (2017, Harper Collins).

Until 2010, Stephanie specialized in change management, coming to the table with two major skills: creating strategic operational plans to help businesses through and as a “hands on” consultant working to drive those plans to the finish line and beyond. She has worked with companies across Canada as well as in New York and London and her client list includes Daily Dose Media, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, The Sound Research, MusicStyling and Tara Parker Tait PR.

In 2011, Stephanie completed a personal dream and broke the World Record for the most vertical feet skied in one year. The ten-month journey caused her to question traditional forms of motivation and distance we place between our personal and professional purposes. The resulting insights lead Stephanie to shift her consultancy business into a full-time coaching practice. Currently, she runs a private executive and life coaching firm with a global client base. She splits time between offices in San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from The University of Victoria. She completed an associate certificate in marketing and communications from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a master’s certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University.

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