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Conventional wisdom in the business world taught us to look at what other people do, isolate what works for them, follow a best practice and attempt to replicate a similar result. The not so obvious issue with best practices: the results are mediocre at best or a pale imitation of our predecessors at worst. We lose the one thing that enables us to stand out in the world: the thing that only we could do in only the way that we could, the ability to put our unique fingerprint and signature on everything that we do.

When the products, services, and work of any individual or organization are so distinctive that nobody else could have created them, unmistakable, the competition becomes completely irrelevant because what we’ve created is not the best of its kind, but the only. It’s only when we dare to attempt what hasn’t been proven to work that we’re able to set an example and lead rather than follow an example that’s been set.

In this talk, you’ll learn to design customer experiences that people can’t help but talk about, unleash creative breakthroughs and innovation by abandoning best practices and create products and services that make your competition irrelevant.

Learning Objectives:  

· Rewrite Industry Best Practices: Identify and abandon best practices that are no longer serving you, and write new ones.
· Mindset: Develop the creative confidence to execute new ideas by learning to overcome fear, anxiety, and doubt.

· Creative Habits: Practical insights and daily practices that lead to continued breakthroughs

· The Magic Moment: Identify the “magic moment” when your customer falls in love with the product

In today’s world, sources of distraction are becoming more prevalent in our lives. Social media, email and the internet have hijacked our attention, decreased our productivity, and stand in the way of getting deep meaningful work done. In this talk participants will learn how to combine principles of behavioral science and habit formation to achieve peak performance.




Designing Environments: Everything that we see hear, smell, taste and touch is an environment that impacts our lives. This includes the spaces we work in, the tools we use, the clothes we wear, and the information we consume. By deliberately designing the environments that make up our lives, we eliminate the need for willpower and make our desired behavior automatic.


Managing Attention Instead of Managing Time, Deep Work and Flow: Most time management issues are attention management issues.  By learning to manage attention organizations and individuals will see increases in efficiency, work less, get more done and see a significant improvement in results.


Building A Creative Practice That Leads to Consistent Innovation:  Creativity is not a trait, but a habit. By expressing ourselves creatively every day, we increase unleash creative breakthrough and innovation.


Developing Effective Support Systems: Learn how to leverage the help of communities, peers, mentors, and coaches to accelerate results in the lives of any individual or organization.


Rest, Renewal, and Recovery:  Learn how to ensure that downtime is valuable, rejuvenating and aids creative insight.


This talk is based on Srinivas’s forthcoming book An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its own Sake


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Srinivas Rao teaches audiences how to design distinctive products, services, and experiences that make their competition irrelevant. He is the author of two books (Unmistakable: Why Only is Better Than Best and An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for its own sake). His work has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, and the NY Times.

He’s also the host of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, where’s interviewed more than 700 people from every walk of life imaginable (Authors, entrepreneurs, artists, performance psychologists, and a bank robber who became a talking head on the criminal justice system).

Previous Keynotes include: International Live Events Association, International Association of Exhibition and Event Planners, ASAE Great Ideas Conference, Experiential Marketing Summit, Healthcare Design Expo

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