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Shirley Engelmeier’s first book, Inclusion the New Competitive Business Advantage, provides a unique snapshot into the cultural revolution underway in today’s workplace that can mean success or failure for your business. The engagement and empowerment of an increasingly diverse talent pool is the highly urgent imperative. Engelmeier outlines the tools that corporate leaders must embrace to improve productivity, retention and innovation to compete more effectively for increasingly diverse markets.

Shirley Engelmeier’s philosophy on unconscious bias is it should be incorporated with skills and competences to be of high impact to the organization. This means simply uncovering our biases isn’t enough; what to do about them as we become aware of them is critical. You must uncover unconscious biases and explore how those biases are impacting business decisions.

Becoming an Inclusive Leader: How to Navigate the 21st Century Global Workforce, Engelmeier’s new book, addresses the confluence of factors, including globalization, diverse demographics, new technologies (“web voice”) and Gen Y entering the workforce, has created an environment where leadership style and skills must quickly evolve. Engelmeier explores the new leadership skills, experience and tools necessary to succeed in an increasingly diverse and participative workforce that will generate positive business results globally.

In this highly interactive session, Shirley Engelmeier will be sharing insights with you about the 4 Generations in the workplace with specific attention paid to the acceleration and growth of Gen Y (those born between 1980 and 2000).

During our time we will:
1. Define what the four generations are
2. Explore the unique characteristics of each generation
3. Consider ways to bridge the divide across generations and
4. Provide you with several specific inclusion behaviors

This is critically important because there has never been a time in history, when we have had four generations in the workplace. Those organizations that better understand the differences in the four generations will have a more highly engaged and productive workforce.

Who are you listening to? If it’s just the senior leaders, you’re missing out. Are you hearing the voices of Gen Y? Of women? Of people of color? Of new employees? If you’re not, it really doesn’t matter how much they “lean in” does it? Leaning in doesn’t accomplish anything if the organization doesn’t also “listen in.” This session will explore how to create a “listen in” organizational culture.

Given the statistics about US and global markets, organizations are spending more time working to determine what kind of markets they serve or want to serve. This is where a company’s Key Employee Demographics Required for Growth™ (KEDRG) can help guide strategy. Using KEDRG means aligning the people who work in your organization with the markets you serve and meeting the needs of those markets. As you look around your organization, do you see a mix of people who represent your market? Are you considering the shifts that will occur in the market as new opportunities arise? Is your workforce aligned to meet those challenges?


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For nearly two decades, Shirley Engelmeier has advised Fortune 500 companies on creating inclusive, high performance leaders and enterprises. Prior to founding InclusionINC, Shirley held senior management positions in global consumer product organizations Brown & Williamson and Frito-Lay. She is one of the leading pioneers around workplace initiatives that improve business results through employee engagement and inclusion.

In Engelmeier’s latest book, Becoming an Inclusive Leader, she addresses the new leadership skills, experience and tools necessary to succeed in an increasingly diverse and participative workforce that will generate positive business results globally.

Since founding InclusionINC, she has introduced significant corporate training, leadership development, strategic business constructs (such as the Key Employee Demographics Required For Growth™ (KEDRG), customized web-based assessments, strategic and customized metrics and solutions for Learning Over Time®.

She is a frequent speaker at national HR, leadership, workplace and business strategy conferences in the US and abroad.

A highly regarded business strategist, Shirley has consulted with C-Suite executives globally on workplace Initiatives across a broad range of industries that include Cargill, PetSmart, Hershey’s, ESPN, Denny’s/Advantica, 3M, Caterpillar, U.S. Bank, JM Smucker and others.

Shirley earned her B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota and resides with her family in Minneapolis.

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