Sandeep Jauhar, M.D.

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Sandeep presents a fascinating look at what really goes on in both hospitals and the minds of our doctors as part of his deeply personal mission to return meaning and moral grounding to a noble profession.

Doctors feel forced to prescribe unnecessary tests and participate in an elaborate system of patient referrals just to cover costs, boost revenue, and protect themselves from malpractice suits. Sandeep shares stories where a single patient might see fifteen specialists in one hospital stay, none of which can maintain a full picture of his actual condition, and leave with a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sandeep’s mission is to bring the patient’s best interests back to the center of the conversation.


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Sandeep Jauhar, M.D. is the author of the books Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician and Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation, which was a national and Indian bestseller and has been optioned by NBC for a dramatic television series. He was a Ph.D. student in physics at Berkeley when a friend’s illness made him yearn for a profession where he could affect people’s lives directly. After graduating from Washington University School of Medicine, he moved to New York City for internship and residency. During his grueling training at a Manhattan teaching hospital, Sandeep wrestled with his decision to go into medicine. He asked all the hard questions about medicine today that laypeople are asking—and reached satisfying and often surprising conclusions about the human side of modern medicine.

Sandeep has been writing about medicine and health for The New York Times for over a decade. He has also written essays for The New England Journal of Medicine, Slate, New York magazine, and The Los Angeles Times, and has appeared frequently in media venues, including CNN, ABC, Bloomberg, and National Public Radio. He was an AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Time magazine and the recipient of a South Asian Journalists Special recognition Award for outstanding stories about medicine.

Today he is a thriving cardiologist and the director of the Heart Failure Program at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He lives with his wife, Sonia, and their children, Mohan and Pia, in New York City.

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