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As co-founder of three multi-million dollar start-ups, Oliver Luckett is frequently asked to speak on social media’s impact on today’s world. But how, he used to wonder, could he best describe the interactions of millions of users, a complicated system of human connections? While hiking one day, Oliver had a flashback to his days as a microbiology lab rat–and a resulting epiphany: Social media is an organism; a living, breathing, evolving creature. The theory of The Social Organism was born.

Leveraging the seven rules of sustainable biology as a metaphor for social culture, Oliver breaks down his revolutionary theory of social networks and how they mimic an actual biological system. Through personal experience, one-of-a-kind stories, tangible expertise (and yes, science), the theory of The Social Organism will illuminate how social media functions on a global scale with human culture evolving in tandem, and how to best harness this knowledge to gain competitive edge and master social media in both business and in life.


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Oliver Luckett is a renowned digital entrepreneur and the founder of several multi-media startups, including iBlast, Revver, DigiSynd and theAudience. He is the coauthor of The Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and Life (2016).

In 1999 Luckett cofounded the firm iBlast Networks with former FOX syndication president Michael Lambert and former head of Universal Studios Ken Solomon, and following its founding Luckett served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

In 2005 Luckett cofounded the firm Revver, which was the first company to attach advertisements to amateur and professional Internet videos, providing the video makers with a percentage of the ad revenue. He then founded DigiSynd, a company that outsourced packaging, syndication and marketing for digital studios and other content creators. The company was purchased by The Walt Disney Company in 2008.

Luckett is the cofounder and CEO of theAudience, a social media publishing firm. The idea for the company was developed by Luckett and William Morris Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel. theAudience develops and publishes content across multiple social media platforms. William Morris Endeavor was one of the initial investors in the firm, in addition to City National Bank, and Napster founder Sean Parker. theAudience works with its clients to develop social content and publishing strategies. Content published by theAudience is seen by about one billion social media users per month.

He is currently CEO of ReviloPark, a Los Angeles and Reykjavik based digital culture accelerator, and in 2017 was named Chief Social Retail Architect at LuLaRoe, one of the fastest growing apparel brands in the U.S.

The Social Organism––a groundbreaking book that illuminates how social media functions on a global scale, how human culture is evolving with it, and how we can master digital content for good and for profit––was coauthored by the MIT Media Lab’s Michael Casey.

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