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In the age of fake news and the lack of credibility in mainstream media, the cries of lies from the very top echelons of our country, we are in a crisis of discernment. How did we arrive here as a culture, and how do we maneuver forward to understand the role of social media, news and truth? A veteran journalist, professor emerita in journalism and author discusses the roles we play in sustaining a media that stands for truth.



With one in three women in this country a victim of domestic or sexual violence in her lifetime, it is time to name the strategies to change the stereotypes, understand the myths and create a culture where dominance and power do not define relationships. A survivor of domestic violence, author, journalist and advocate for nonviolence for women and men, discusses how we partner for a better future.


Beyond the goal of work/life balance, is the conversation of how to effectively swap all your ambition, duties, responsibilities and dreams to achieve a life of meaning. A goal of balance assumes a present of imbalance. The language of swapping offers the freedom of choice. A mother of three sons who raised them alone while achieving her work goals talks bout the dangers of framing the conversation as having it all, having some of it, and balancing, when it is all a matter of prioritizing what needs attention now.


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Michele Weldon is emerita faculty in journalism at the Medill School, Northwestern University, where she taught for 18 years. Weldon is the award-winning author of five nonfiction books, including her latest, Escape Points: A Memoir that was named one of the best books of 2015 by Booklist of the American Library Association and was winner of the Great Midwestern Book Festival for memoir in 2016. The book earned an Eric Hoffer Book Award in memoir and was a finalist in the Society of Midland Authors book awards. Her earlier books include the best-selling, I Closed My Eyes, (1999); Writing To Save Your Life (2001); Everyman News (2008) and the ebook, Just Me and My Three Sons (2014). She has contributed chapters in seven other books and anthologies.

She is director of the Northwestern Public Voices Fellowship through The OpEd Project, where she is a senior leader teaching programs and fellowships at Princeton, Stanford, Wellesley and Cambridge universities and foundations including Whiting and Ms. Foundations, as well as recently for Urgent Action Fund Africa in Kenya. She is editorial director of Take The Lead Women, a nonprofit with the mission to achieve gender parity by 2025.

Her commentary appears in outlets such as New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Guardian, Los Angeles Times, OZY, Pacific Standard, Quartz, Slate, Time and more. She has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Today, ABC Sunday Morning, NPR, Iowa Public Radio, Chicago Public Radio and more. Weldon has delivered more than 200 keynotes across the country on issues related to media, gender, popular culture and violence against women.

She serves on the advisory boards of Life Matters Media, Between Friends, Global Girl Media and Sarah’s Inn. Weldon is a former board member of Journalism and Women Symposium and is the mother of three grown sons.

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