Linda Bernardi


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With leadership experience spanning more than two decades, Linda Bernardi possesses a unique vision and a fierce commitment to promoting innovative, disruptive ideas and technologies. In her role as “innovation provocateur,” Linda helps organizations break free of their comfort zone, defy conventional wisdom, and shatter outdated paradigms in their quest for market-changing products, services and methods. As of November 2014, Linda joined IBM as Chief Innovation and Disruption Officer, Cloud and Internet of Things.

As the creator of the Bernardi Leadership Institute, she engaged with corporations around the globe as a consultant, speaker and coach, training personnel in her passionate, organic leadership theories. An active entrepreneur, technologist, educator, investor and board member, Linda is the founder and CEO of StraTerra Partners, a technology strategy consulting firm that worked closely with large enterprises and technology developers to promote innovative, disruptive products, business models and strategies.

In 2001, Linda founded ConnecTerra, Inc., a Cambridge, MA-based software provider connecting RFID technology to large enterprise IT. After selling the company in 2006, she became an avid early-stage technology startup investor in Seattle, Silicon Valley, California, Utah, New York, Europe and India. Her portfolio includes innovative companies in cloud computing, predictive analytics, social enterprise, digital media and more.

Linda has also held board, chair and strategic advisory positions in most of her portfolio companies. She also served on the boards of Illuminate Ventures, the SETI Institute and The Association for Enterprise Information, sits on the council of advisors of Astia, and is an Emeritus board member of the Anita Borg Institute. She earned a Masters degree in applied statistics from UCLA, and lives in Seattle.


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