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Your employees, team members, and customers can all have things to teach you. Harnessing this wisdom with short sharp storytelling can help your organization grow and succeed. Larry Smith has learned how to harness the knowledge from groups of every shape and description. Larry will also discuss ways to use social media to reach and receive feedback from customers or any other audience you seek as well as  from employees, team members within your own company. All the answers are in front of you—you just need to know how to reign it in.

How did Larry Smith’s Six-Word Memoir® concept become a global phenomenon? And how can the lessons he learned along the way help your company, nonprofit, or burgeoning idea break through? In a high-energy, inspirational and entertaining talk, Larry will take you through the six things he did to turn a simple idea into an Internet sensation, one with a passionate, engaged community of people who have contributed nearly one million stories online. A classic bootstrap story, Larry and his Six-Word Memoir project became a case study in lean, agile media creation, crowdsourcing, engagement, viral marketing—leading to seven books published in five years, multiple revenue streams, and huge reach and recognition. By the end of this 30-60 minute talk, you’ll be thinking in sixes, and totally energized to immediately apply what you’ve learned to your own company, team, or project. His talks incorporate images and video, and end with an interactive “six-word slam” in which everyone in the audience is invited to share six words on what inspires their own work or their own company’s mission.

Companies large and small have tapped into the power of storytelling by inviting Larry Smith, founder of SMITH Magazine and the Six-Word Memoir® project, to lead employees through an engaging, interactive presentation that’s immediately effective for internal team-building. After offering background on the Six-Word Memoir project’s birth story and reasons for its success, Larry leads the audience through personal “Six-Word Memoir” and “Six-Word Company Mission ” exercises. Everyone participates, everyone gains a better understanding of the collective strength of their team, and everyone leaves armed with practical ways to foster team culture when they return to the office. Note: this talk can be expanded into a 90- 180-minute workshop with multiple points of interaction, tailored to the client’s needs.

From the CEO to the administrative assistant, short-form storytelling expert Larry Smith believes every person in your organization must be able to convey your company’s mission in 30 seconds or less—or even in just six words. As the creator of the internationally renowned Six-Word Memoir concept, he’s witnessed the power of creative constraints and has been a trailblazer in the art of short, sharp storytelling. This high-energy, content-rich talk leads audiences as they clarify their personal and professional brands, mottos and missions. Larry will offer simple, accessible instruction about why short-form storytelling works—and how to do it. He’ll lead the audience in interactive six-word prompts and responses throughout the talk, providing one of the most useful and energizing hours your organization can share together. By the end of the presentation, everyone in the audience will have learned how to hone in on their company’s mission, be able to crisply convey that mission to the outside world, and be buzzing as they begin thinking in sixes.


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Larry Smith is the founder and editor of SMITH Magazine and SMITH Teens. SMITH Magazine is best known for launching the Six-Word Memoir® project, which is a bestselling series of seven books and a global phenomenon. Anticipating the microblogging explosion, SMITH originally launched the Six-Word Memoir project in November 2006 in partnership with Twitter with a simple challenge: “Can you tell your life story in six words?”

Larry has been called “On a quest to spark the creativity of others,” in Oprah Magazine, one of the “most interesting people of the day” on CNN, and has been interviewed on storytelling and the wild success of the Six-Word Memoir project as a form of personal and professional self-expression on NPR, The CBS Early Show, The New York Times, and elsewhere; visit SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir press page.

Larry speaks on the power of personal storytelling and how to engage both internal teams and external customers and audiences; he has been invited to work with groups at Twitter, Dell, Shutterfly, ESPN and Google, nonprofits, foundations, and schools across the country. He’s a frequent speaker at conferences ranging from ESPN’s Storytelling Summit, PopTech, and the AARP Convention and teaches the class, “What’s Your Story: How to Deliver an Authentic Elevator Pitch” in private sessions and on-site at companies of all description and sizes.

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